Sander Philipse

Hi, I'm Sander Philipse, a software engineer based in Amsterdam.

I'm a senior software engineer with extensive experience across the entire development stack, focusing on scaleable, maintainable, high-traffic web apps.

I take ownership of features and products, drive implementation and architectural decisions, and work collaboratively to improve the entire development team's skills. I'm relentlessly focused on user experience, and a big believer in inclusive, accessible design and iterative development.

I think the key to maintainable, scaleable and reliable applications is code that is easy to understand. I'm a big fan of functional, reactive approaches to code, and I think message-based architectures provide a great solution to many problems in modern software development. I believe CICD and test suites following the test pyramid are essential parts of modern software development. I prioritize making my colleagues' lives easier by automating tasks, developing guidelines and implementing a consistent software architecture.

Other accomplishments

  • I hold a BA and MA in history.
  • I was once attacked in a national Dutch newspaper by two professors emeritus for writing too harshly of Dutch historical slavery and racism.
  • Those two historians have since decisively lost the historical argument with their colleagues.
  • I was once an excellent online poker player.
  • I spent years being paid to write about the NFL by Vox Media while never setting foot on American soil.

About this website

This website was built using Gatsby and React. The code block color scheme is is based on Eric Bailey's accessible color scheme for syntax highlighting and adheres to the WCAG accessibility guidelines.